Mariano di Vaio was born on may 9, 1989, in the small town of Assisi, located in the heart of Italy.

At the age of eighteen he leaves Italy to pursue his actor and model career: one year in London, working as a model, and then in New York City, to study acting at NYFA (New York Film Academy).

There was no fashion blog in New York.
To help guys find the right t-shirt or the right sneakers.
And, by chance, there was an Italian in New York.

Back to Europe, he continued his professional career as a model and ambassador, quickly obtaining magazine covers and collaborations with top international brands: from the advertising of Roberto Cavalli Perfume with Elisa Seidnaoui, to campaigns with Hugo Boss, Gucci, Cucinelli, Tommy Hilfiger, Omega and Cruciani.

In January 2012, he opened his own blog, a digital magazine dedicated to fashion and lifestyle, in which he experiences successfully his insights and his visions ( Today, the blog is a digital magazine, a source of inspiration to millions of people in Italy and in the World, dedicated to men’s passions: from fashion to sport, and also travel, music and movies.

Once you’re on the web, you are a friend of those who follow you.
A big responsibility. When you choose the products you propose to your web friends they must be coherent with a style.

After launching his brand MDV, in 2014 he launches his e-commerce Nohow. A made in Umbria brand with mind and beating heart in Perugia, with the aim to expand in all international markets, from Italy to the world, with Italian taste to conquer each market.

A brand with a street style background, designed in Umbria and strictly made in Italy. A year later its creation, he reveals the secrets behind the brand, an expression of his taste and daily choices. Nohow is a place where young and talented people, realize ideas, propose lifestyles and find the way to create quality while having fun.

There are no intercession on the web.
We’re all the same.
You must conquer the minds and the hearts.

An entrepreneur. Designer of a Jewel collection, an Eyewear Line and a leather accessories collection, he have also launched a Shoes Collection “Mariano Di Vaio – MDV Shoes”, presented at Pitti Uomo, long-awaited by millions of people.

In May 2016 he releases his book “My Dream Job”, through a brilliant conversation-interview, Di Vaio retraces the most significant of his short ( just turned 27) but intense biography: from Perugia, where he was born, to London and later to New York to study acting and supporting himself as day to day model until the creation of the blog four years ago and entry in the world of business with his e-commerce  and shoes line and the recent wedding with lawyer of Perugia. An exciting adventure that led him to be referring to the whole generation but also the interpreter of a new world in constant evolution with thousands of occasions and possibilities.

I promise to always be transparent,
ambassador of a transparent network as I want to be me,
without tricks.

The strength of the book is in many advices for those who want to follower his suggestions of how to be dressed with recognizable, well established, young and elegant style.

Advices that Mariano gives to his readers are never banal and above all easily adopted to always have the right outfit for every occasion.

In 2016 Mariano took part to an Hollywood production, the comedy movie “Deported”, produced by Yoram Globus. In the autumn of 2016, he is also one of the tutors/mentors of the first season of “Selfie – Le cose cambiano”, the new show aired by Canale 5.

Just few weeks after the appointment of Forbes as one of the most influential under30s, Mariano Di Vaio, launches its next entrepreneurial challenge. In the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan; he presented “Mariano Di Vaio” the exclusive Made in Italy brand.

I think that every innovative speech must have a solid starting point and a logical thread.
Every search can move towards the borders that it wants to violate, but never forgetting its roots.
Here’s what I mean when I say I like the classics.

When it comes to clothes, Made in Italy is synonymous with concrete virtues of quality, craftsmanship and design. Mariano di Vaio burst onto the scene with a worldwide online store, specializing in a sober and discreet elegant collection, for those gentlemen who understands the importance of quality in clothing and appreciates small details.

A collection that gives a new identity to the brand, bringing the street-gentleman style to a higher level and evolving the concept of tailoring into something innovative and exclusive. Designed in Italy by a man for men, the purpose is to give an unique touch to the collection with great design at the heart of every creation.

If I have to give up something, I give up work and passions.
Family is family.

But the greatest value is attributed to the family. Married in 2015, with Eleonora Brunacci, it’s love forever. The first meeting at a birthday, the choice to live in Perugia, far from the frenzy of a big city, the fashion world involved her too, today at work in the family business. An all-round partnership, happiness.

They said we had such a beautiful smile that,
looking at us, they could not even feel the blow of the wind.

Parents for the first time. The announcement came from Mariano himself. The firstborn, Nathan Leone.

I want to thank God for giving us this joy.
We are happy to announce that our family is now at +1.