Style, not just a clothing line.

Light textiles, hand made details, stylish jewelry.

We created a total look collection to enhance your everyday outfits.
Organic linen, light colors and comfortable fittings made to highlight every detail, because every man deserves a great suit.

A tribute to the Italian craftsmanship.

Mariano Di Vaio collection is proudly made in Italy.
A collection created with due regard to the human being and to the Earth:
our ethic is based on the fair treatment of the workers and on the responsible use of the Earth’s resources - avoiding waste.

We create style, not just clothes.

The iconic style of Mariano Di Vaio at the service of those who wants to communicate their lifestyle to the world: the Italian luxury lifestyle, that enhance beauty in every form. The relaxed, confident attitude of the real gentleman, a businessman that needs to escape the ordinary to create something new, something beautiful. But also a family man, devoted to his family.

The Italian way.

Genuine suede made in Italy and organic linen.